With the construction management (CM) method of delivery Ease are employed by the client as integral part of their delivery team, offering both buildability and commercial advice through the design and preconstruction phase, and managing the successful delivery of the project through the construction phase. We would also fulfil the Principal Contractor role, required by health and safety legislation and put a full time team on site to manage the day to day operations including the health and safety obligations of a building site.  

This approach is very transparent, and we should emphasise that this gives the Client greater flexibility in the way their project is delivered: the client has design flexibility for longer, for instance by delaying making decisions on the interior elements of the project until later in the programme whilst still maintaining continuity of works; we can include Client preferred contractors into different packages if required; the Client has the ability to make commercial adjustments throughout the process. The main benefit of this flexibility is our ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the project as your representative, as opposed to the typical builder contracting route which might seek to maximise profit from unanticipated changes.

We recommend for prospective clients to visit the website, and if possible one of our schemes. We are always more than happy to make arrangements to facilitate this.

From a commercial perspective our procurement route has a number of advantages. Notably the comparable CM procurement option is usually 5% to 10% cheaper than a traditional main contractor/builder route, without sacrificing overall quality or time, and at the same time our clients testify to their experiences being a better one. Having direct trade contracts between the Client and each individual trade contractor/supplier, administered by Ease on the Client’s behalf, often results in greater output and increased performance. Furthermore our procurement route allows Ease to set the commercial culture of the project which will mitigate the possibility of disputes and provide competent advice and negotiation strategy for any changes or variations. Ease will appropriately package the works, ensuring that the interfaces are managed within the available cost plan budget. We will also manage any perceived risk through the process to ensure that the premium is not passed onto the client, as is often the case with traditional building.

Our services in summary encapsulates the management of costs, programme, health & safety, and quality. Here’s an overview…

  1. review pre–construction health and safety information as issued by the Principle Designer;
  2. assist Principal Designer with F10 Notification [this is a legal requirement of notification of the construction work to the HSE];
  3. develop an appropriate Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan [As required under CDM Regs];
  4. ensure the site based risks identified in the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan are managed through the trade contractors;
  5. ensure the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan is followed in accordance with health and safety legal requirements;
  6. provide suitable welfare facilities;
  7. control access to site;
  8. provide site inductions;
  9. Liaise with consultants, Principle Designer, and all trade contractors/suppliers.

So why Construction Management, and why Ease?

A few quick pointers…

Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients say! Owner of a challenging coastal property in Cornwall, said: “Ease managed this challenging job from the drawing board to completion. Working closely with the architects, contractors and other specialist consultants they overcame the problems of difficult access, a sloping and rocky terrain and a demanding design to see the job through to a high standard finish. I recommend Ease as project managers without reservation”.