After the positive feedback from the Eden team and the members of public on completion of Phase 1, it only made sense for us to further extend this naturalistic experience by building Phase 2.

The Weather Maker takes you around and above the tree tops on an immersive journey of discovery in Eden’s Rainforest Biome.

The project consisted of: A Canopy Rope Bridge stretching 23 metres across the canopy between two of the tallest trees in the 50 metre-high Biome; a fully-accessible Cloud Bridge where visitors can travel through swirling clouds and get a sense of how rainforest clouds reflect sunlight and help cool the planet; a Rain Shack where visitors can shelter from a tropical rain storm and discover how rainforests make rain and rain makes rainforests; and the Carbon Platform where you can explore how the growing rainforest captures carbon dioxide and stores it as solid carbon compounds in leaves, roots, wood and soil helping to keep CO2 levels and temperatures down.

Jo Elworthy, Eden Project Director of Interpretation, said:

We were really delighted with the whole project both the Walkway and the process that got us there. We Are Ease made the project run with ease and gave us excellent results. Always helpful, always professional, delivering on time and on budget.

Key project stages