Following heavy rainfall, subsequent flooding and a series of devastating landslides in December 2020, We Are Ease returned to The Eden Project once again. On this occasion in a race against time. With the objective of restoring the Eden Project back to a safe and beautiful visitor destination before the grand reopening (post Covid-19 lockdown) in May 2021.

The project began with an emergency response to the flooding. Bringing in specialist contractors to divert and over pump a local water course which had burst it’s banks.

With the temporary pumping system in place and ground hydrology stabilised, the clear up operation and reinstatement of damaged civil infrastructure could safely commence. This provided the opening to appoint a design team to conduct an investigation as to the causes of the landslides in order to inform and engineer a solution.

The objective of the next phase was to facilitate the safe reopening of the Eden Project. We Are Ease were to deliver an interim pumping solution and new access road with a view to futureproofing The Eden Project. This was to be conducted concurrently to the stabilisation of the failed cliff faces via rope access rock anchoring and Guniting.

With the interim pumping solution in place, slope stabilisation ongoing and the Eden Project successfully reopened, We Are Ease could switch focus back to the initial causes of the landslips.

The investigation deducted that the flooding was the result of a collapsed Adit (underground water course). Safe access into the Adit was gained by sinking a 16m Caisson shaft in Vounder Farm. From here engineers could safely unblock and stabilise the failed Adit section with a view to returning the water course to its former gravity fed solution. Leaving the Eden Project even stronger by way of resilience to the ever changing environmental conditions imposed on us by climate change.

Key project stages