Perhaps before reading what we did, see a short video showing what Man Engine actually is! Press HERE! 

We Are Ease have been involved with the recent extravaganza that was Man Engine, the largest mechanical puppet ever constructed in Britain! The Man Engine steamed the length of the Cornish Mining Landscape in the summer of 2016, unearthing a huge amount of passion and pride and being named ‘Best Art Project’ by the National Lottery Awards. This sparked the Miner’s Resurrection Tour in Easter 2018, and creator and artistic director of Golden Tree Productions Will Coleman requested the assistance from We Are Ease with providing the project management.

Project Director Will Coleman said,

“Our big boy is setting off in the footsteps of Cousin Jack, but he needs to say a proper farewell to Cornwall before he goes.”

Five venues across Cornwall and the South West each hosted two separate events; a daytime family-friendly fun day and an ‘after dark’ edgy extravaganza.

On Saturday 31st March 2018, the Man Engine, powered by a brand new Volvo L220 Front Loader supplied by sponsors Volvo, re-appeared where he was last seen before the resurrection tour: at Geevor Tin Mine in the ultimate West. Then he headed East; on Easter Sunday 1st  April he appeared at Heartlands. On Easter Monday 2nd April he visited Cornwall’s show ground near Wadebridge.

He crossed the Tamar to Tavistock on Tuesday 3rd April, and then travelled to the old coal-mining town of Radstock in Somerset on Friday 6th April, before heading onward to five large events in the mining communities of South Wales and then northwards to Ironbridge, Elsecar, Wentworth Woodhouse, Hillhead Quarrying and Construction Expo 2018, then Willington near Durham. And a brief return to Wales with a special appearance at the Volvo Ocean Race at the Cardiff leg.

Ease Project Manager Torquil Home was brought into the Man Engine project early on and quickly evolved his role to be a pivotal and essential member of the core team, with coordination of a very large and varied delivery team: crew, designers, consultants, puppeteers, production, marketing, funders, councils, sponsors, event, haulage, emergency services, and health and safety.

Torquil brought into the process construction management tools to deliver successful project management:


Key project stages