What a transformation there has been at Paignton Bus Station with its new modern, bright and fresh look! We’re delighted to have been able to add much needed light, colour and vibrancy to such a functional space. The irregular rainbow panels used for the new canopy are a great concept and end result.

Stagecoach originally approached Ease to assess their requirements, assist with reviewing different designs, offer budget advice and limit the impact on both the local community and the service to its commuters. They were keen to work with a leading local company to ensure the best and most cost effective design was selected and delivered.

At the outset, our brief was to demolish the existing concrete canopy over the bus station, which was deteriorating and at risk of becoming a health and safety issue. We were tested on all fronts. The demolition of the canopy was tricky as it was essential there was no impact on adjoining buildings. But we undertook pre-construction work, collaborating with local architects (Rud Sawers Architects) and engineers (Airey & Coles) to select the optimum approach.

Finishing ahead of schedule, which allowed plenty of time for timetables and signage to be put up, Mike Bishop, Stagecoach South West’s Engineering Director, said: “The project was challenging in terms of time scale as we wanted to get back to being able to operate out of the bus station as quickly as possible. However, Ease ensured we remained on time and on budget allowing us to reopen bang on schedule.”

A logistically challenging project

Key project stages: