Just 48 hours. That’s how much time we had to carry out the majority of the works at Plymouth’s Town Mill Bakery. Such a short time-scale was necessary to limit the Bakery’s actual closure between relocating from old premises to the Slaughterhouse’s new premises within the Royal William Yard complex.

Yet despite the sheer velocity of the work, founder and owner of the bakery, Clive Cobb, commented: “Never in a life time doing large-scale projects have I had such an easy ride. No sooner had I suggested something, it was done.”

What’s more, the quick turnaround limited operational disruptions and enabled the bakery to continue generating revenue despite the dramatic changes taking place.

As Clive Cobb puts it: “I feel guilty that I had so little to do and that I did not have any sleepless nights. Although Ease may have done!”

Facilitating a fast and effective transition to new premises

Key project stages: