Building Using Construction Management

Decrease your costs and risk, while increasing transparency and control.

The South West’s leading
Construction Management Consultancy

We Are Ease have crafted our services to ensure that the client is at the forefront and heart of the project, with us helping you to ensure whatever key considerations are most important to you about your project are reflected in our approach to delivering it, advising the design team of value engineering options, and buildability to meet or improve the clients budget expectations.

Our Core Values

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services enable you to take control of the project and helps you manage these risks in a pro-active way.

Client Project Management

We work to understand your business or objectives from the project and then move things forward focused on your objectives.

Development Management

We advise and assist our client with initial land assembly, development of the master plan, then manage the inception to completion.

Project Doctor

Like many things in life it’s good to get a second opinion about how your project is going, especially if you have some concerns or doubts.

About Our Company

We Are Ease take pride in our Construction Management services, providing an approach that has been developed over the course of over 10 years of being the South West’s leading Construction Management (CM) Consultancy, across multiple unique and challenging projects. We recognise that sometimes the traditional contracting approach exposes clients to significant cost, limited control, and excessive risk.

Featured Project

Client: Private House, North Devon
Value: £1.9m | Programme: 2 years
Architect: TCoffey Architects

Key project characteristics…

• Minimalist design by multi-award winning RIBA architects.
• Very high level of finish and detail.
• Located in an exposed coastal location, with difficult access.
• Challenging construction processes.
• Collaborative working with designers and trade contractor specialists to achieve value engineering and overcome difficult design requirements.
• Exposed to extreme weather conditions.
• Ease provided project, site, and cost management throughout.
• Managing difficult design detailing and its resultant specialist interfaces.

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Building new commercial premises or a private home? Ambitious refit or extension?

Whatever the building project, you will have two fundamental questions:
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?

These critical questions are fully answered by WAE Project Assessment, our industry-leading viability study and Construction Management road map.

Normally a £2000 service, contact us before 1st June 2024 and receive your Project Assessment at no charge*.

* Minimum project threshold of £1m to qualify.

Are you in the early stages of planning your building, but not quite sure how best to move it forward? As the leading construction management provider in the south west, we can assist you with your how to get things moving; feasibility; advise you an unbiased realistic budget based on current market conditions; advise what your budget might achieve for you; introduce you to the right level of specialist design required, from architects to landscape; where cost is limiting you taking things forward, we can identify value engineering to see if we can bring you savings to meet your budget, without limiting your aspirations and goals.

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Growing Point, Eden Project

Got the planning and are ready to go, but have been somewhat disheartened by the costs being returned by the builders tendering? Come to us – construction management can bring massive savings over traditional building. We identify the savings for the benefit of you and your build, as opposed to increasing the profit of the builder.

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Alternatively, speak with one of the team, Senior Manager Andrew Doidge, direct on 07484 035027 to discuss your requirements further.

Harbour Beach Club Hotel & Spa

Fallen out with your builder? Costs spiralling out of control? WAE and construction management is perfectly placed to step in quickly to replace whatever mishap might be currently evolving on your project. Contact us to discuss how we can help. Ease and CM can most likely remobilise things quicker than you are identifying and involving another builder to take over the incomplete works. Difficult events are, they needn’t be as cataclysmic as they might initially seem.

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Alternatively, speak with one of the team, Senior Manager Andrew Doidge, direct on 07484 035027 to discuss your requirements further.

The Neighbourhood, Student Accommodation